Sunday Sickness is an exploration with my relationship to emotional and physical nourishment. Growing up, I would go to my grandma’s house every Sunday and she would make a multi-course dinner. I would sleepover, she would make me breakfast and pack my lunch for school. My grandma always said that she hated cooking, and for the longest time I didn’t believe her. Why would anyone put so much effort into something they hated; she did it for my brother and I. She wanted a relationship with us, so she created a space and a time where we were expected to be there. I never felt obligated to go, and if I missed a Sunday I felt deprived. Now when I go back to visit, I still never miss a Sunday. My relationship to food, routine, and my grandma has created an unbreakable bond. She taught me how to show my love through food—that relationships don’t just exist, you have to tend to them.

This is the beginning of my process for this project. The final form will be a digital cookbook. Which will be a way for me to share my grandma’s recipes and in-turn the love she has given me.