pnca 2016-17 admission materials

I was hired (along with one other designer and two illustrators) to refresh the design of the PNCA view book. For the refresh, each of us designed a cover and we worked together to update the inside textures and a small library of flexible design elements.

I primarily worked with illustrator Subin Yang to produce the PNCA BFA Admissions Poster. We made a vibrant poster with dynamic type elements to engage high school students who are the primary viewers of BFA posters, while still maintaining PNCA’s brand and spirit.

she shreds

For issues #13 and #15 of She Shreds Magazine I created the TAB layouts, shown above. For issue #14, I was the Junior Designer and worked under the Creative Director to find inspiration and to help produce the magazine. My duties included setting type, prepping files and creating layouts.

bitch media

From June 2016 to January 2017, I was the graphic design intern at Bitch Media under the Art Director, Kristin Rogers-Brown . Working at Bitch Media allowed me to hone my graphic design skills by assigning me practical work with tight deadlines while also considering how their readers will receive my designs—both in media and in content. In issue #72, I art directed illustrator Subin Yang and designed the page layout for the article “Birds, Bees and Beyond”; I lettered and typeset the article “Move Along, Survivors”. For issue #73, I went through all the magazine files, cleaned up redundant character and paragraph styles, and other inconsistencies to make the files easier to use. In issue #74 I typeset and made the graphics for “All in the Family”. I had a great time working at Bitch Media; I love working with people who are passionate about the content they produce.

sad mag

For the "Green Issue" of SagMag I set the type and creating the lettering for the poem “Chow Yun Fat is My Tom Cruise” by Doretta Lau. I've volunteered for SagMag and they're a great bunch!