Semo was created with Subin Yang after attending PNCA together. Our friendship grew out of our appreciation for aesthetically pleasing things and our love for food. This project is a memento for our time in Portland, OR—Subin is now based in Seoul and I'm is based in Vancouver, BC. The name "semo" comes from the Korean term semo jogak which literally means triangular piece-- so many good sweet desserts are cute into beautiful triangular pieces! All the illustrations are by Subin. The web design and copy writing is by me!

Proposed web design and updated colour scheme for The revamp was an extensive exercise in updating brand materials and creating a firm aesthetic for the tech and media company.


Coup is a hypothetical art supplies trading website that I designed to fill the gap between retail experiences and donation based art stores. Similar to house swapping or car sharing sites, with Coup, artists could trade art supplies. This would allow people to experiment more because they could sample a product and trade it with someone else if they didn’t like it.